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Our Brand Identity

BSA New Brand Video

In October 2012, the Business Software Alliance officially became BSA | The Software Alliance.

The new brand identity underscores the transformative impact of software on every aspect of modern life, not just the enterprise space. It also reflects a strategic alignment of BSA’s operations around integrated advocacy initiatives and expanded anti-piracy programs that deliver strategic value to our member companies as they continue innovating in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Press release: BSA Unveils New Brand Reflecting Rapid Evolution and Transformative Impact of Global Software Industry

Video: BSA Unveils New Global Brand


How BSA’s Name Appears in Print

Our full name is BSA | The Software Alliance.

We are also known simply as BSA.

In the full name, the character between BSA and The Software Alliance is a vertical slash with a space on either side of it.

BSA never substitutes any other form of punctuation for the vertical slash. That includes commas, forward or backward slashes, or hyphens.

For publications with style guidelines that prevent using the vertical slash, we recommend referring to us as BSA and then adding a brief description of who we are. For example, “BSA, the trade association representing the global software industry” or “the software trade association BSA.”

Alternatively, you may omit the slash altogether and refer to us as “BSA The Software Alliance,” with no punctuation at all.


BSA’s Logo

BSA’s corporate logo represents tight connections between its global public policy, government relations, public education, and intellectual property enforcement activities, which it conducts in 34 markets around the world.

Media organizations are free to display BSA’s logo in news articles.

BSA Logo